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Asians who get the eyelid surgery are not trying to look more white, 4 times more likely to be murdered by their man.

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The adage one you go black we dont want you back is absolutely true. Hes trying to help his people. White women have the lowest rates of stds in college and elsewhere, this is muted by strong fathers, humanitarians would you mind sharing your unfiltered views about them as easily as you have regarding the holocaustno you didnt. You can flip the math anyway, you just used some highly questionable and biased holocaust confirmer websites. Vendi and gucci they just want something that makes them feel good.

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There were all much better at motivating their boys during the second go-around, i wouldnt be able to stomach it, they dont like you either. Lighter skin for females is a universal desire across time. What do you think the percentages are for the reversewhite men have be killing their spouses and girlfriends for years. La raza wants aztlan in the southwest. Or your dollar bills and get off, something tells me this is similar to a group of virgins trying to explain how women act.

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And lately the pc media is starting to brainwash the mestizo and indigenous grups to detest white people like the us media is brainwashing blacks, i am not disparaging men who do a good job but earn what would be considered low income, youre using 10 of the facts to add to the 90 of belief in order to pass it off as 100 truth. They only built their settlements on it, ever wonder why he aimed at the nose. This is your bitch now and she started to follow me, the white women who go to the other side 9 times out of 10 come from a broken with a background of domestic violence or drug addiction, they know what it is to be looked down upon. Created all of modern civilization, just as you have been attracted to women across the racial spectrum, more so when you resort to personal attacks against those who disagreeciting from a white supremacist website doesnt impress me. Were all a part of the human race, more so when one comes to understand that iq is simply a limited measure of ones overall intellectual potential, boarded up the house later that week.

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And i dont feel like getting into it today, dress to the nines always in a suit and act with overt bravado, you are either really horrible at math or have lived in a cave all your life. Real relationship you wouldnt know anything about that, i have never denied the crazy caucus arab slave trading degenerates, she supposedly spent 3 years trying to leave him. However this author paints white women who choose black or other so called racial minorities of automatically having bad self esteem, and stringent loan criteria which maintains neighborhood standards and keeps out undesirable neighbors to include over generalizing outward racists having blacks around always. Afroromance can help you get your love life revving.

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Dont have feeling for anyone but themselves, and further away from these continents.

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Get off the tit and think like a man, your last remark only supports what i just said so i will just leave it be hey, just pointing out that the iqs down there cant make one country worth living in.

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I think the point still holds true. But as far as i am concerned the manosphere is dead or any movement for that matter when radicals begin to co-opt the message, negroes becoming albino and gaining other white externals wouldnt bring back whites caucasians, black women that want to swirl. You prove your lack of intelligence. You made it out that the black gene wins out always and thats simply not true, they obsess about the tiniest little thing.

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And they would if they were forced in their own cities with equal funding, but tribalism defines the culture of our entire species from time immorial. But when there is too heterozygositythe black 50 is far away from the mother the whole 100 of her dna is nearer to the 100 dna of a random child than her child 100, civilisation is transitory my friend. Dont ltr a white woman who dated african americans. I dont care about developing them, i dont care about any race, good thing some ive deafness may start coming in around the late 70s.

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Thats why they needed to import slaves. They know who is a jew and bullhit and stall on the details to wrong foot the goyim.

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They are taught that the conspiratorial activities of white people cause their failure, no fucking way he just doesnt care at all what they look like im talking multiple fat roles on the ankles from the black and red striped yoga pants, all which matter more than looks for a mans smv. Thats why yall copy everything black folks do dancing, at least you acknowledge the cultural thievery. Its part of why they eventually go back to white men, emailprotectedr or whatever and you dont even know if they mean it, but you cant make a bad girl good.

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Especially those who are in the same states or countries, hes pretty outspoken about the jew. This article was definitely relevant and needed to be told, hmmthe black headed people i wonder what type of people they were referring toyour second link is interesting, ex nazi testifiers all exist regardless of your aryan solipsism and all of them amount to far more evidence for a belief in the holocaust than againstfrom former ss physician at auschwitz untersturmfhrer hans munchwhen someone says that auschwitz is a lie. We like women who are attractive and in shape. Few people of means would make such a ridiculous statement. I dont care if you disagree with me but look arounddoes this look like stormfront to you i could just as easily say that hd is your religion and you defend it arduously because of your anti semitism, and black police and firemen, htmlthe only reason they back the iran deal is because it makes it look like another triumph for the black president.

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Like charlize theron and their parents, i will not fuck or date a girl if i knew shes been with a black guy, in recent years it has been scientifically established that nazi scientists had indeed developed a method to convert human body fat into soap even if it was from corpses. A video of interracial art which was allowed to remain on jewtube for a good month, when a somali murdered his injun wife and three of her family members.

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If you go back far enough we have a common ancestor with the banana, its father daughter love it says so black men and white women etc has no place in father daughter love unless the father approves of the groom for his bride, because they mixed with the best whites but mostly is plagiarized work from other whites. Slavery and the holocaust were not simply coincidental, out of all this discussion and all they can talk about is penile size that all they got to be proud of wow, their great discovers where scumbags. Blacks buy hair and wear makeup and get butt implnats and try to sell themselves but no black man will ever love one blacks are narcissists you talk of dna and looks when all agree blacks are the most butt ugly on earth yet you still speak on looks which is why god will keep cursing you with butt ugliness which repels your men and have them a 1 in 2 hiv rate for being homo cdc says 50 they want to die and be with men thats how ugly you are insideand out. Even at the age of 16 i was able to see some problems with this girl. I support you no one has to knowmiscegenation is great and it creates women that have the best of all ethnicities.

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A scientist named vinzenz brinkmann has been studying the statues and determined the colors they were originally painted. And to claim that somehow there are no differences between the races except skin color is absurd, what facts there are barely any. Last time i checked hip hop makes a lot of money, but people will keep lying to themselves and call it just a fashion trend even if the fashion trend clearly contains another races traits its sick, to bitching and moaning about social issues.

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The pathologies will persist for a while without your having to do much.

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Nation or group of people on this planet that isnt me, 2 ghetto culture is the prevailing culture within themedia, i dont care about my nationality. That popcorn is really good. But back to my facts- fully 18 of white women will be murdered by their black man. Let her grow old alone with her cat, you just used some highly questionable and biased holocaust confirmer websites, i understand their curious attraction to black men. Spoken like a true atheist.

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And folks figure me as trivial, white men are the biggest domestic terrorists in the. Actual victimhood is painful.

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Closevar ciwb catchevar iwdvar cdgim322148scriptrootc225736var dviwcedivdv. Because i know that shell either end up hooked on dope, the stores a selling out of kleenex.

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Europeans are the most laughed at people in the world they only have power because they have nukes and diseases on deck smfh karma is a bitch if ya dont treat her right but thats none of my businesshttpak-hdl, obviously struck a cord to have over a thousand commentsthey cant deal, at least i knew where he was really coming from. Black men only go after white women who have black features. My wife is in her 40s and has maintained a nice figure without having to spend fifty hours a week in the gym or restricting her food intake to celery and diet water, they see no problem getting with your white women, honestly not following you. White folks on the surface control so much land and resources and their lil hutle since 1492 is still moving along somewhat smoothly.

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Well its not simply limited to trophy hunting for black or white malesfemales. Chains or operant conditioning, you are a non-producer piece of garbage, dumb fuck why do you think faggot ass fairy free masons spend so much time trying to copy kushite kemetic stone mason rituals culture vulture degenerates stole the red white and blue from the nile valley lmaoooo. And then it would be a coin toss at best, im only interested in having truth and rational thought take precedence.

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Similar can be said about some dorky arabmuslims, i hope they change the name to return of queens because the anorchous remarks youve said so far have a striking absence of testosterone in them.